Yonggang 2 tablets Chinese herbal pills


This product in terms of children, yam, yellow extract, epimedium, schisandra fruit, ginseng as the main material made of health food products, to medicine edible Chinese herbal medicine Traditional remedy, USES the international leading Chinese medicine extraction technology and production technology refined. This product can adjust to maintain the body's physiological balance, alleviate physical fatigue, replenish nutrition, enhanced physique, is in the elderly and qualitative takes special nutrition.

?Main Raw Materials?Medlar, Chinese Yam, Rhizome of Siberian Solomonseal,Epimeddium, Schisandra Fruit, Ginseng.
?Healthcare function?Relief the fatigue of body.
?Adaptive Crowd?People easy to feel tired.
?Unsuitable Crowd?Children and Juvenile.
?Usage? 1-2 tablets for each time to be taken orally.
?Specification?750mg *2pills
?Approval Document No.?GSJZ G20060046
?Expiration?24 Months from the date of production.
?Storage?Keep in cool and dry place after sealed.
?Notice?This product cannot substitute for other medicine.

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