xian weng yang sheng dan male sexual power enhancement pills


This product is the Paul biological technology co., LTD., which obtain a huge success in the worldwide of penis impotence products. Using high-end technology formula, make human body absorb quickly, can quickly restores the physical strength, can promote the rapid growth of the penis, and enlargement, effectively solve the sex time is short, to prevent the premature ejaculation, extend the time of sex, but also in the human body retained 180 hours, does not have any side effect and dependence. No blushing, no heartbeat is accelerated, not sick headache. And no problem to take it if have heart disease,high blood pressure,diabetes ,after drunk

Deer whip, bullwhip, whip, seals, Peru card, no fruit, ginseng, such as multiple made from rare herbs.

Function: impotence premature ejaculation, lift and not firm, firm and not quite, the kidney, the better, the prostate patients have remarkable curative effect.

Dosage: one tablet per time, 10 minutes before sex

Note: 1, the product efficacy of fierce, please do not overdose.
2, taking no more than three times a month.
3, if you don't drain the penis erection for a long time, please drink lot of water will solve the problem .

Specification: 6800 mg * 10 pills
Shelf life: 3 years

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