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[Ingredient]:cao yang hui,friut of the Chinese wolfberry,gingko leaf,eastnorthern ginseng,the Tibetan red flower,Tian Shan snow flower,the Chinese hawthorn,tusi zi,nui zhen zi and ect.

[Efficiencies]:lave significant therapeutuc effect on prostatitis,sleeplessness,weak memory,short,small penis,sexual frustration(impotence,premature ejaculation,nonperssistent erection)

[Usage and Dosage]:Personl,1 pill 15 minutes before sexual intercourse.

[Precaustion]:Should be given carefully to young persons,Do not use is repeatedly in 24 hours.If erecting repeatedlyor erecting without ejaculation,take cool boiled water to relieve it.

[Storage]:Airproof,cool and dry.[Specification]:8000mg*6pills/box

[Expiry Period]:3 years.Dose and usage: Take one very time, oral use 10-30 mins before sexual intercourse.

Packing : 8000mg*6pills

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