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[Maxman IV Sex Enhancer Enlarge Penis Description]:
Maxman IV Sex Pills, Powerful Sex Enhancer For Men
Maxman Sex Enhancer Herbal Sex Products
Enlarge Penis Quickly, Fast Effective. Male Sex Enhancer
[Specification]: 3000mg*6pills*2packs(+12pills)
Cao yang hui, fruit of the Chinese wolfberry, gingko leaf, east-northern ginseng, the Tibetan red flower, Tian Shan snow flow, the Chinese hawthorn, tu si zi, nui zhen zi and etc.
Lave significant therapeutic effect on prostatitis, sleeplessness, weak memory, short, small penis, sexual frustration (impotence, premature ejaculation, nonpersistent erection)
[Usage And Dosage]: oral 1 Pill 15 minutes before sexual intercourse.
Should be given carefully to young men. Do not use is repeated within 24hours. If erecting repeatedly or erecting without ejaculation, take cool boiled water to relieve it.
[Storage]: Airproof, cool and dry place.
[Expiry Period]: 3years
Using high and new targeted administration technique, composes of more kinds of Kidney Beneficial and Yang invigoration herbal elements including epimedium and medlar, Supply nutrients essential for the enlargement of the penis, effectively increase the blood flow in Sexual organ, improve the volume of genitals, make it longer, harder and tolerant, prolong the duration of erection, improve the self confidence in sexual life, benefit sexuality, and completely rescue men from the three troubles of premature ejaculation, impotence and shortness and smallness of penis .

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