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Details: MAXIMUM POWERFUL male enhanced using high and new of has targeted of management technology, composition of more type of kidney useful and Dr revitalization Chinese medicine element including sex sheep Herba epimedii, and medlar, this products can triggered of natural hormone in body in the, production increased testosterone ketone of serection, provides nutrition of penis expanded of necessary, can effective to improve organ of blood flow improved genital mutilation of volume, and makes it more long, and more difficult and tolerance, and extended erectile dysfunction of continued time, and Improve sexual life of casual, benefits, and complete rescue and rapid upset three male premature ejaculation, impotence and penis is so rich.

[MAXIMUM POWERFUL Ingredients]: Cao Yangxu, North-East, Ginkgo leaves, ginseng, fructus lycii Tibetan red flowers, snowflakes in the tianshan mountains, Hawthorn, SI son, wire female vibrators and fruit.

[MAXIMUM POWERFUL Efficiency]: limited liability company law the most notable observation of Prostatitis, insomnia, poor memory, short, small penis, sexual frustration (for example: impotence, premature ejaculation, nonpersistenct installation)

[MAXIMUM POWERFUL Usage and use level]: oral, 1 pill at a time 15 minutes before intercourse

[Specification]:2800mg*6 pills

[Storage]: sealed, cool and dry

[Preventive measures]: do not repeatedly within 24 hours; if multiple cases of erection or placing of ejaculatory incompetence, take cool boiled water, to ease; it should be closer to young people,

[Period]: 3 years.

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