lemon slim fit juice 10bags/box


Lemon slim fit Juice 10bags/box details :

High-quality ingredients with proven health benefits

Function :
Burn fat fast
Help control hunger
Reduce body fat
Detox cleanse

Packing : 50g(10g*10 sachets)

What is the best time to drink Slim tea?

one of the best times for Green tea is 2 hours after meals or before meals. Because immediately consumption of Green tea after meal disrupts the Fe absorption. Of course, it is more effective if you take this Herbal Slimming Tea before a meal.

What is the use of slimming tea?
Slimming teas sometimes contain epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which boosts metabolism and could potentially help speed up weight loss. Much like caffeine, the EGCG in tea stimulates the central nervous system and releases fat into the bloodstream. This way, your body will use that fat as fuel.

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