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Fat people sex attention should be paid to these things

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Nowadays, the living standard of people more and more high, rich nutrition, convenient travel, movement, less chance to obese people are more and more.We all know that obesity increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, easy cause joint soft tissue injury, cause psychological barriers.In fact, obesity is also associated with sex quality, reduced may even lead to sexual and reproductive ability.Sexual desire is closely related to sex hormone secretion, and obese people tend to appear sex hormone secretion.Abroad have a study of obese men androgen detection, experts found that obese men of plasma testosterone levels are remarkably lower than that of normal-weight men.Obese men androgen, estrogen increased, and high concentration of estrogen can inhibit the secretion of pituitary gonadotropins, and testicles testosterone secretion is reduced, so the function will appear different degrees of weakening, such as low sexual function, sexual desire, erection and orgasm problems may come up.For the weight overweight, first of all, in the life to appropriately reducing the intake of food of high quantity of heat, regular physical exercise.Second, obese people don't take an inferiority in sexual life, cannot therefore refused to have sex more, be confident, to look at your body.Again, during sex, can increase sexual interest through increasing foreplay, touch, etc.Plump skin area ratio of National People's Congress, which means that can have more opportunity to enjoy touch yourself and get excited, so fat person can ask partner kisses back, after the place such as the shoulder blade, strengthen the development of sensitive parts and excitement.Finally, also want to make some changes in terms of sexual positions.If male obesity, sexual life USES the male host will be difficult, when then can in women's waist down a pillow, can make into deeper, more fully.On the other hand, if a woman is fat, abdominal proud flesh may affect her posture, then after into the type can be used, or in women with a pillow, to support the weight.

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