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Eight kinds of methods to prevent men impotence premature ejacul

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Impotence and premature ejaculation has dogged, 89% of the world's men have experienced or light or heavy and impotence premature ejaculation, impotence and premature ejaculation, if not treated, can lead to serious prostate disease, and prostate disease is not good, prostatitis is men in the United States "cancer the top killer"!Then, around us, what are the effective methods of prevention and treatment of premature ejaculation?What are the signs of premature ejaculation?Determine what standards?Experts answer for you.> > > One, strengthen the exchange of thoughts and feelings of husband and wife, eliminate barriers and misunderstanding, premature ejaculation to her husband for understanding and actively cooperate with treatment, will help to overcome the adverse psychological and premature ejaculation treatment effect.How to treat male sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation, also has a lot to do with psychological factors.> > >Two, done with the front caress kiss, suck, made her first enter excitement period and plateau, is more easily meet the requirements of her sex. Three knew, change of time.People usually arrange sex in the evening, but if you will be changed when wake up, the body fatigue has been lifted, energetic, and chewed piece of gum flirt, knew believe that quality will be improved.  Four, wear double condoms, can reduce the sensitivity of the penis, prolong ejaculation.Premature ejaculation in patients with unfavorable use thin condom 3 big reason, click to view.> > > Five, reducing the size of the penis twitch and speed, reduce sexual stimulation to the penis, the woman take the initiative to meet the action at the same time, an orgasm as soon as possible, in order to both sides satisfied.Six, the male for sexual intercourse to distraction, looking away from the woman, for example, transfer the penis feeling to think about other problems, even count, will help to delay ejaculation.Alert!!!!!Husband and wife after sex, men don't do five things.> > > Seven, in take the female superior after sexual intercourse behavior therapy method for a period of time, to alleviate the tension of her husband, and increase the adaptability of vaginal stimulation.Eight, ejaculation within an hour after the second sex, can obviously delay ejaculation time, but the man penis will have pain feeling.To control the ejaculation reflex ability as the standard, this is also one of the judgment criteria of premature ejaculation.

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