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The mystery of the kissing

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A study in the United States to participate in the survey, more than 1000 college students were asked to treat the be fond of of kissing and the way and so on details.Results show, the man have a strong inclination to kiss the way, in wet kiss, for the most, women are different.And the difference of the preference especially in communication time is not long between men and women is more obvious.Gender analysis, men love wet kiss this way, mainly is the exchange of saliva will kiss and moist feeling as a method of the woman's sexual arousal, and use that to women about their acceptance of the judgment and passion, kissing the body feeling is like sex can provoke a woman's desire.Moreover, men think kiss will lead to the idea of sex than women.Sexologists, thus draw the conclusion: men while kissing passing through the saliva testosterone to women, in order to enhance women's sexual desire. wholesale male enhancement pills

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