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How to delay ejaculation during sexual

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How time delay ejaculationHow many people because ejaculation is fast, how much more durable in bed?1. Insert a full erection, when making love can let little brother pull down a little, will strengthen the hardness, but be careful don't break it.2. The same intense stimulation and ejaculation at ordinary times, cannot achieve the purpose of the exercise, should use the hands clenched, clenched, relax, repeatedly oppression penis, this action can active the nerves and blood vessels.When is going to ejaculate to immediately stop, patience, and to stimulate, the stop, and repeat.3. To make hypogonadism, naked sleep in the evening the best, let little brother a breath of fresh air, and cooling small bag bag, strengthen the function of testis.4. Five thousand walk to the park for a walk after supper, can decompose the blood sugar, and stabilization of the sympathetic nerve.5. For physiological premature ejaculation, the only way to solve is to recuperated premature ejaculation, at present, Chinese medicine therapy for premature ejaculation toning effect is very significant, as long as adhere to the 10 to 30 days basically to recover fully premature ejaculation symptoms.6. The most basic is to lose weight, exercise more, especially the leg muscles.7. To strengthening self-consciousness deals with erections parasympathetic nerve: all of the toilet, first close your eyes tightly, put the power of the shoulder, put away from head to foot, mouth half closed, relax facial muscles, and repeat the brief but slow abdominal breathing, for 30 seconds.

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