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Five tips let a man "sexual don't laid off"

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"Enthusiasm" loss affected by many factorsThe expert points out, whether each of the men in their 40 s and 50 s, not line?Can the declining ability of the which?To answer these questions, we must understand the evolution of the male sex physiological process.Male sexuality and sexual behavior must be affected by disease, physical decline, the social environment changes and other factors.Male menopause, just not as obvious as the female menopause.Men after age 50, testicular function will appear a process by the tide, pay attention, you will find, during this period, weakened muscle strength, psychological also prone to depression, depression, irritability, mood swings, etc., and possible loss of libido and sexual dysfunction.But the male menopause appear loss of libido and sexual dysfunction, doesn't mean the permanent loss of sexual function, there are many ways to delay the sexual function decline.To prevent premature aging need to start from a young ageThe expert points out, middle-aged men prevent sexual premature aging, start from when I was young, first of all should keep regular sex.Moderate sex life can promote human body endocrine function, make the nerve center of active control activities, but also to moderation, not sex.Second, men in the diet should pay attention to nutrition, eat more foods rich in zinc, such as oysters, shellfish, fish, beef, eggs and soy products.It is important to have a warm and healthy family life, a partner have enthusiasm for sex is to help men to overcome the "sex" laid the best medicine."Five", which is reducedEmphasized delaying hypofunction must as soon as possible, there are five methods can which function decline.One is to stick to exercise is good for sex.Anyone who take part in sports, compared with before exercise, 40% of people are more likely to be excited, 25% of people are more likely to reach orgasm.Movement later generations to experience the release of a the enjoyable hormones, at the same time, exercise can enhance the capacity of cardiac blood flow to the sex organs, blood, erectile ability is strong.The second is not smoking not drinking alcohol.Long-term smoking, drinking too much, too much intake of alcohol and nicotine and other harmful substances in the body, will constitute the sperm, testis, and the influence of the peripheral blood vessels and so on to the reproductive organs.3 it is to use less medication.Many drugs can affect sexual function, such as blood pressure medications, sedatives, antipsychotics, diuretic, etc will have inhibitory effect on sexual function, cause the low sexual desire.Four is sticking to a normal sex life.This can stimulate the male, the female hormone balance in the body, the increased blood flow to the genitals, improve local blood circulation, keep the organ in the elastic, and postpone the atrophy.Five is to remove unnecessary psychological burden.A brief sexual dysfunction should not blindly as permanent.Actually, in the fatigue, tension, anxiety, poor living environment, such as cases, is entirely possible to temporarily sexual dysfunction, so, for the occasional sexual dysfunction, must have a correct understanding.

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