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how to eliminate men's mental fatigue ?

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In life, there are a lot of things will not equal to idea, plus pressure in life, always can let a person feel the body fatigue and burnout.For men, in this society to survive, there must be a heavy psychological burden, the burden not to drop, it is easy to produce mental fatigue.So, male psychological fatigue how to eliminate?The cause of male psychological fatigue:1. The harmful environmental stimulation: housing, noise, pollution, low temperature, high temperature;2. Damaged physiological function: disease, infertility, sexual dysfunction, insomnia, drug poisoning;3. Work disorder: work is difficult, conditions, complex operation, business are not ripe, the experiment failed, overwhelmed;4. Interpersonal tensions: neighborhood, family dispute, determination of upgrade, husband and wife relationship, unsatisfactory sex, gooseberry, brokenhearted, divorce;5. Natural and man-made, natural disasters, accidents, borrowing, a death in the family, etc.;6. Cause damage and frustration: operating losses, factory closures;7. Too much loneliness, carefree, retired life, the lonely old man, unemployment, fire;8. Social pressures: the political movement, suffer criticism, violated, emigrate, displaced;9. Rapid information processing: war, command and urgent task.Eliminate man's psychological fatigue method:The first recruit: see the world from a different AngleThe reason we can't immersed in a particular time what has happened, the key is too much on the purpose of some stakeholders, rather than to discover and appreciate the many good things.Driving to work, rather than for the more than an hour drive to work, you might as well put idea into the every detail in the beautiful morning.Maybe singing a can make you happy and just blooming flower can make you feel refreshed, keep a good mood to your work unit.The second recruit: lose the shackles of perfectionismMan to err, to err is human..More tolerant to oneself, we can also become more relaxed.Three recruit: looking for one or two bosom friendsAt the time of our troubles may not need others speak too much truth, more often, we are hope psychological depression and troubles to your chest.So, close "bestfriend" nature is an indispensable part in life.Friends listen to can let you sort out your thoughts and feelings, understanding can give you support and encouragement.Try to find your bestfriend.The fourth recruit: let the life moreMight as well use your head, a change of the way of life, such as buy this recipe, try to do some fresh dishes, or find some reasons, the whole family to a candlelight dinner once in a while.Watch TV every time point of time whether the motion can be changed to go out for a walk.Once the holiday family outing.In short, as long as it is can do can have a try, maybe just a small change could have unexpected effects.According to psychologist research shows that if a man can wander at ordinary times, can ease the tension fatigue life of appropriately, can loosen body and mind.If you feel exhaustion of body and mind, feel bored, so might as well try to entertain foolish ideas, so also can to a certain extent, patients psychological fatigue.

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