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Women do 6 kinds of exercise often will help to get orgasm

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More than 22% of the women said never experience orgasm.An interesting study found in the journal sex, through exercise can help female orgasm.So women do sports can improve the orgasm?Women often do eight kinds of exercise can help orgasm, below and see it together.Studies show that moderate exercise is brought people's sexual pleasure, because it can adjust the body of plant nerve function, improve the function of the endocrine system and accelerate the secretion of pituitary hormones have markedly improved, so that the male sex hormone testosterone levels increase, greatly enhance sexual desire;Exercise can also boost women's abdomen, coxal muscle elasticity and improve the vaginal muscles, perineum, muscle tension, change after childbirth vaginal relaxation, this pleasure on the improvement of sex of husband and wife is very good.However, excessive movement or violent make adrenal cortical hormone secretion increased, in the human body, which can lead to sex hormones produced is restrained, and cause hormone disorder and cause physical and mental fatigue, eventually to sex.Therefore, for women, correctly grasp the appropriate amount of exercise is particularly important.Sports experts advise, as long as you exercise 2 ~ 4 times a week, every movement duration in 30 to 45 minutes.Women often do eight kinds of exercise can help orgasm1, a brisk walkSimple brisk walking can promote blood circulation and blood flow.Due to aerobic exercise (such as brisk walking, and running) can play a role in heart attack prevention, so it can improve your sex life.Expert thinks, aerobic exercise has two advantages, in the short term, it can improve heart rate, enhance the excitement in the process of sex.In the long run, aerobic exercise can improve people's body satisfaction and self-esteem, which closely related to sexual function enhanced, so as to promote people more active in sex.2, push-ups,Push-ups can exercise the biceps and triceps, it not only can make the arm muscles look nice, for take the male on the female lower body also lay a good foundation.This exercise can also boost testosterone levels, to enhance which plays an important role in men's and women's sexual desire.A study by the Harvard University school of medicine, found that after the enhance the level of testosterone, male and female satisfaction were significantly increased.For women, to exercise the arm muscles helps to try a variety of sex positions, if push-ups, elevated dumbbell is also a good choice.3, volleyballPlaying volleyball to coxal muscle and abdominal muscle exercise effect is obvious, can improve the sensitivity of the body and coordination.Sex is the movement of two people cooperate with each other, synchronized, sensitivity and fitness ascending body, can make women feel more fun changes between the dedication.4, the squatThis exercise can not only let leg ministry and coxal muscle compact, also can let the flow of blood flow around the reproductive organs, increasing the degree of erectile and women lubrication degree.In addition, the squat also helps to enhance controlling climax of muscle strength, including basin of diaphragm and urogenital system of smooth muscle, which helps men to increase sexual love, let a female vagina tightening strength more.5, one formThis is the most simple and effective exercise of the pelvic floor muscles.Pelvic floor muscles can control the flow of urine, to keep the pelvic organs in the correct position.Through this exercise, the male pubic bone coccygeal muscle tone (also known as the ejaculation) strong, in the process of sexual endurance and control will be more strong.Women's vagina will become more compact, easy to orgasm.6, tai chi chuanTai chi chuan, the program is to use the mind to guide the thought concentrated movement, help to eliminate intense sentiment, and can make the mental and physical relaxation at the same time.Especially these activities can combine meaning, gas, and dynamic, excitement and inhibition of the nervous system is able to achieve effective adjustment.When women if you insist on practice, sex, can better and more comfortable in control of their physical and emotional.

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