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Intense stimulation to the clitoris enhanced pleasure

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A woman's clitoris directly decides the female orgasm, so, the clitoris, the greater the orgasms will become strong?The factors influencing women orgasm is related to what?The related factors of female orgasmFemale orgasm is related to many factors.Recently, the national institutes of health expert team found that the size of the female clitoris and its distance with the vagina will affect an orgasm.Those with smaller the clitoris and vagina clitoris distance far away women are generally difficult to orgasm.Be stimulated strongly make up for a lack of size of the clitorisThese are the innate factors, but that doesn't mean we can't change.Change sex positions, the clitoris stimulation could get closer to compensate for the lack of size.In addition, with the aid of orgasmic meditation and through long timeliness stimulation can make up for the inadequacy of physical, women get more pleasure.Strengthen the PC muscle sex experienceWomen also can exercise the muscles (pubic bone coccygeal muscle) to enhance sexual feelings.Around the vagina, the urethra, anus of bundles of pelvic floor muscle called the PC muscle.The PC muscle is very important to have sex, its strength and ability is directly related to women orgasm.About 30% of married women in the PC muscle tone, just 40% qualified, while 30% too loose.The PC muscle strength after middle age, women will gradually weaken, more difficult to reach orgasm during sex.Therefore the husband will feel vaginal hold feeling, unable to form enough stimulation.Above is an introduction about orgasm, by these we can see come out, actually affect the climax a variety of reasons, so we cannot treat as the same, of course, want to have a harmonious and healthy sex life, so these health common sense absolutely cannot be ignored

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