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The secret of the hymen: select the strong men

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Many men had a virgin complex, in fact, is a man cherished in the heart of "the hymen" for men, is no good.To the woman is only constraints, and the resulting endless criticism.Is the role of the hymen is just to check the standard of a virgin?In fact, is also used to select the strong men!1, the protection of the female reproductive systemWomen in the development of the mother had vaginal barriers of the hymen.Before the end of the puberty, girls of the hymen actually have been silently pay, set is responsible for its health development.Of ovarian hormones in women before adolescence, due to less, less vaginal mucous membrane is a thin, wrinkled, wall, such as low acidity, resistance to weak physical reasons, women's vagina almost cannot effectively prevent all kinds of bacteria invasion.And this time, the hymen is not far from the vulva, holds a glorious task, belonging to the invasion of germs, play the effect that cannot ignore.Of course, women after puberty, with the development of vaginal gradually mature, its ability to resist bacteria will also greatly enhance the, the hymen, lost its original status, pulled out of the scope, the germ of the first line.2, to choose the strong menFor the hymen "to choose the strong men" this role, but more to play in the primitive society.It is said that the society as ordinary as view animals in sex intercourse, that people don't like today will be "sex" purely as a private thing.People run every day in the vast grasslands or dense jungle, eat, sleep, sex, etc. All found locally.Question at this time, since "sex" the question is not subject to any constraints at the time, more just for the sake of reproduction, so that men and women can be random mating.But limited to the condition of the human survival rate is very low at that time, human beings must adapt to the nature, evolution, perfect, to ensure that the ethnic groups, gradually, there is a woman of the hymen.The function of the hymen is used to eliminate the old and the sick man to the woman, young and old the sick man's sperm activity is poor, it is difficult to pass the hymen, which will be more opportunities to reproduce for the strong man.As a result, small "hymen" cannot be ignored, it was for human made quietly contribute to "evolution".

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