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The mystery of the kissing

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A study in the United States to participate in the survey, more than 1000 college students were asked to treat the be fond of of kissing and the way and so on details.Results show, the man have a strong inclination to kiss the way, in wet kiss, for the most, women are different.And the difference of the preference especially in communication time is not long between men and women is more obvious.Gender analysis, men love wet kiss this way, mainly is the exchange of saliva will kiss and moist feeling as a method of the woman's sexual arousal, and use that to women about their acceptance of the judgment and passion, kissing the body feeling is like sex can provoke a woman's desire.Moreover, men think kiss will lead to the idea of sex than women.Sexologists, thus draw the conclusion: men while kissing passing through the saliva testosterone to women, in order to enhance women's sexual desire. wholesale male enhancement pills

How is the best hardness about penis ?

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Sex life after marriage is one of the important methods fresh after marriage, so how to years of sexual life after marriage?Try the following marriage fresh tips.1, the adjustment of the mentalityHusband and wife in daily life to keep have a bright and cheerful disposition, broad-minded, and maintain a sense of humor, and don't depression, closing in on itself.More communication each other, mutual understanding and love, by building more fun.2, implicative language exchangeAppropriate words, can let your spouse feel his importance to you;With the spouse is more sensitive private topic close communication, such as "when will you have orgasm?""Where is your most sensitive parts of sex?"Can let the other side to produce problems such as random, and then feel excited.But must pay attention to the language and environment of warmth and privacy, language and facial expressions to sincere sincerity, language and emotional appeal don't go too far, if there is no hint is brillant.3, pay attention to self image and appearanceMany years of husband and wife after marriage don't overanalyze dress up yourself to attract each other, not easy to be discovered before faults will present, unreservedly to easily lose novelty and expectation for each other.This is a great potential crisis in the harmonious life of husband and wife, come down for a long time can make a person feel dull.After marriage, therefore, more attention should be paid to appearance, moderation, show alternately delicate and charming and wild ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings, dressed in "bed" also not hasty.4, strengthen the sense of smell of spouseBoth men and women to smell stimulation reaction is very sensitive, don't let the unpleasant smell of the "sex", should be adopted to take advantage of the characteristic, and the appropriate spraying is not too strong but very warm and inviting perfume, can let the spouse of heartstring, the emotional communication and close relationship between two people will help.5, comprehensive intimate contact of the bodyClose to each other's arms and whether the bird according to people, or embrace boldly, is a good way to tease, let conveniently desire to conquer and occupy you, mate to increase each other's desires.Body contact, of course, should include the body parts, such as head, hands, legs, feet, you may be found in an unexpected place your spouse's "sex" sensitive and inspire each other's "sex" passion.More than six, with less winsNumber of years of husband and wife sex life after marriage is necessarily to adjust accordingly, don't just go with his first marriage when sexual intercourse frequency comparison, while the quality should be more important."Their hearts grow small suggests that a high quality of sexual life of couples feel how important it is.7, sexual skills beneficial attempt and explorationMost couples could only take one or two fixed position for a long time to make love, man is always active, easy to cause the lack of feeling in the long term, therefore can be used after the female superior, into bits and side into bits, let his wife do the initiative side, both sides are more likely to achieve satisfaction;Change sex sites, consciously in the sitting room, sofa, carpet or hotel room;A short separation of husband and wife, also can achieve the result of their hearts grow small.

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