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Three signs that he no longer love you

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If suspect lover is cheating on you, the daily mail had an interview with a psychologist and relationship expert, teach you to find the clues of the lover to cheat you.Of course, there are some obvious signal, such as the lipstick mark on his clothes, shoulder women's hair;Others need careful to experience.If you suddenly he better for you, let you like watching TV, for example, to give you prepare gifts, etc., then you must be careful.Experts said that when was having an affair, some more happy, some people feel guilty, so they will be better to love.If he have to work overtime suddenly even on a business trip, no longer sleep at night by your side, that he may have had a new love.Even if the body is with you, the heart also is gone.If he began to dress up yourself, pay attention to their dress, use more time to fitness, you have to doubt it.In addition, he blame you jealous heart is too strong, or no longer pay attention to you, is he no longer love you.But experts say, these are just common phenomenon, your intuition is the best signal.

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