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Look from a man's sweat part to know of men's healthy and body p

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Man sweat can score a lot of kinds, but different sweats can predict health, many people think sweat is kidney empty, actually not all is such, such as overeating after facial sweating suggests that there is something wrong with the spleen and stomach.The first judgment of sweat1. Night sweats and tuberculosisTuberculosis (TB) typical systemic manifestations include afternoon low grade fever and night sweats.Many patients have no matter spring, summer, autumn and winter, you go to sleep at night after wake up often clothes quilt all sweat soaked.Tuberculosis (TB) in China is a more troubling health problems, so you dear he if you have these symptoms you need to communicate with the doctor.2. Sweat dizziness and low blood sugarWhen the blood sugar level down to a certain degree the following hypoglycemia occurs.Diabetes if excessive use of insulin or oral glucose-lowering drugs may produce hypoglycemia.The performance of the early have a sweat, shivering, fatigue, dizziness and nausea.You need to give him a small box of sugar, and carry them wherever you go, can immediately take once appear bad situation.This is caused by a lack of blood supply of heart and make the myocardial damage.Its performance include: chest pain or pressure, will continue for a few minutes.Pain sometimes radiation to you of shoulder, arm or back.In addition, you will have difficulty breathing and sweating a lot.If you or your loved ones for such symptoms, should go to hospital immediately.Time is life, and every minute is important!4. Sweat was thin and hyperthyroidismWhen the secretion of thyroid, "jia kang" occurs.This will cause weight loss;Heart beats fast or irregular heartbeat;Can't stand the heat,Hungry, eat more;Defecate number increase, and so on.Of course, sweat is also one of its performance.For such patients you should pay attention to his emotions, avoid too excited and energized.

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