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Ding ji wei ge sex pills is specially made of many kinds of valuable animals and plants such as Damiana,tongkat ali,POXb,cayenne,panax,caltrop,bronco membrum,Alaska sea horse membrum,deer antler,Cynomorium son-garicum Rupr,aweto,sagittatum etc.It would make you like a strong man with the significant effects on physical or mental prospermia and impotence,spermatorrhea,Sexual debility and any symptoms because of kidney weakness.

Ding ji wei ge sex pills can effectively activate PDA producin factors of adrenal gland,renew sperm,accomplish multi-ejaculation and multi-orgasm.It can quickly renew the sperm after sex to avoid weariness and effect to kidney.The effect may last as long as 180 hours.
1.Great effects on impotence,prospermia,sex let down,shortness of penis,hypogenesis of genitals,kidney weakness and penis atrophy of the old.
2.Assistant effects on micturition,urgency of urination,prostatitis,and prostatic hyperlasia.
3.It can renew the sperm,enhance sexual activity,with powerful-effects on erection difficulty,lassitude,male sterility,kidney weakness,sperm reducing,low survival of sperm,low activity,abnormality of sperm,non-liquefaction and so on.
4.This product has unique components.Taken after drinking won't affect the effect.People with heart disease and hypertension can also take it.It has great effect on prostate.

Ding ji wei ge Special Effect :
Ding ji wei ge Usage: 10- 30 minutes before intercourse. Take one pill orally
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