Chong Cao Zang Bian Bao male enhancement


Details: Chong Cao Zang Bian Bao male enhancement

Our product is made from the rare medicinal materials such as American Indian bronchopenis,sea horse of Alaskan, Pilose Antler, Cynomorium, Chinese Caterpillar Fungus, Epimedium. By theoretic of Chinese medicine, it can not only strengthen the organs function by reinforcing the primordial but also nourishing the kidney and tonifying the essence house to control seminal emission. It enjoy an excellent effect help for premature ejaculation, impotence, spermatorrhea, sexual capability decline which due to physiological kidney resulting in sexual deficiency.

This product can activate the creation of PDA factor of adrenal gland efficaciously. Not only dilute and recruit semen, but also fulfill ejaculation and climax times after times. The semen will be recruit rapidly after activities and will not give out and exhaust, avert the blight to the kidney functions.


*Help improve the bodys immunity system

*Calm anxiety and mind

*Enhance sex abiolity

*Promote sexual desire

*Prevent rapid ejaculation

*Increase sperm and penis size

Usage and dosage: Get 1 tablet and also a single honeyed supplement by mouth half an hour ahead of sexual activity with warm water.

Specification: 8 Capsule/box + 8 Grain.

Suitable groups:

1. Small manhood, penis hypoplasia;

2. Erection dysfunction, erections not firm, not easy to get climax;

3. Multi-night frequence of urination, alopecia, memory loss, lumbago.

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