china herbal chong cao zang mi wan male body enhancement pills


This product combines an altitude of 4800 meters of snow in the Tibetan plateau Tanggulashan unique plant Cordyceps male sensitizer contained therein, supplemented by the most fierce domestic basil plant Curculigo in a composition, can effectively promote gonadotropin secretion, regulate CNS increase libido and enhance combat capability. ingredients are contained in the original ecological botanical extracts, does not contain any synthetic hormones and animal extracts. has a rapid onset of effect of long duration and other characteristics. was popular at home and abroad male health products.

Effect to introduce:
The products are quick to release a constant, lasting effective, 1 time use it,allowing you to take time to enjoy the wonderful fairy-like seven days of life, long-term use can promote cell regeneration and proliferation corpora cavernosa, making the penis to increase the volume of effective, efficient recovery of natural male vitality .

Usage : take with warm water 15-30 minuts before sex (you can break it and take with warm water ,the effect will get more quickly and the better result) ,
if for daily enhancement body , just take a half pills before sleeping .

packig : 3800mg*10pills

Shelf life: 5 years

no problem to use it with high blood pressure ,diabetic, drinking .And that is good for the prostate .
The more you order the price will be cheaper !

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