Blue box of three body cattle pill 15bottles/case


Main material ingredients: cattle whip, deer antler, ginseng, fructus schisandrae, wolfberry fruit, avoid wire, epimedium, desertliving cistanche, longan meat, etc. Ingredients: collagen, active peptides, polysaccharide, vitamins, amino acids and calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, strontium, manganese, molybdenum, copper, chromium, etc 10 kinds of trace elements..

Functional indications: kidney, strong sperm? beneficial blood,

Indications: impotence, premature ejaculation, decrease fatigue strength, weakness, sexual dysfunction.

Usage and dosage: take 3 pills a time 1 hour before sex, quick effect.
Daily care: 1 pill a day,take in the morning or before go to bed with hot water .

Packing: 9 grain/bottle, 15bottles/big box

Storage: in a cool and dry place, room temperature preservation.

selflife : 24 months.

Note: Does not affect the effect after taking wine ,even high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, patients can be at ease use, and have good therapeutic effect on prostate disease.

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