30boxes wholesale chinse herbal dragon power male sex pills


Details: The use of Dragon Power will yield the following results.

* Increased Libidio & Sex Drive: Our proprietary formula has been completely tested and will end in a marked increase in libido.

* Increased Sexual Sensitivity: When using this product youll find that it is far easier to get aroused, and stay aroused.

* Increased Bloodflow to the Penis: Use of this formula ends in firmer, longer-lasting erections.

* More Intense, More Satisfying Orgasms: The combination of ingredients produces a more powerful orgasm, regularly after the very first dose.

Specification and package: 300mg/capsule, 3 capsules per box.

Dosage: One capsule per time, with lasting efficacy more than 72 hours.

Product forms: Raw material, Loose capsule, semi-finished products, foiled capsules, blister capsules, box package, bottle package, etc.

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